Why You Should Use a Windows 8 Invoice App (Until Windows 10 Arrives)

What if we told you that the best way for your company to handle invoicing was to use a Windows 8 invoice app? This may not seem like so provocative a statement, but think about it: What we’re telling you is that an invoicing app is a better option than paid software subscriptions, to say nothing of online invoice generators. What we’re telling you is that Windows is the ecosystem of preference for those serious about business management, and about invoicing in particular. And what we’re telling you is that Windows 8 offers some unique functionality that makes it uniquely appealing—at least until Windows 10 arrives! Really, then, we’re making a pretty rigid recommendation: We’re recommending that you ditch all the other invoicing tools and get serious about a Windows 8 invoice app, like BizXpert. Why You Should Use an Invoice App We’ll start with the app component of our

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Make the Most of Your Windows 8 Invoice App

Maybe you’re one of the thousands of small business owners who have already downloaded the BizXpert app. Maybe you’ve got it loaded on your Windows Phone and on your PC and you’re ready to start automating the invoicing process. There’s just one problem: You’re not sure where to begin, or, rather, what to do in order to get the most out of your app. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick guide to maximizing your online invoicing experience via BizXpert! Familiarize yourself. The first thing we recommend is just to spend a few minutes playing with the app, seeing how it works, mastering its navigation and its list of features. In particular, make sure to watch our quick demo video, which will give you the BizXpert crash course. Import your data. Remember that BizXpert allows you to import your existing client data, which can go a long way toward

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