BizXpert Invoice – Your Best Friend in the Business


bizxpert-your_best_friendBizXpert is an elegant, innovative and fast invoice and inventory management software with user friendly English interface, with which you can create invoices in any language and any currency. It is designed for small enterprises with 1-50 employees and turnover under USD 10 million.

The software can be downloaded from the Windows Store and can be accessed from any computer, notebook, tablet, Surface and smartphone compatible with Windows 10. Data is stored in a cloud, and thus the program can be used simultaneously on more than one device and at physically different locations. In case of losing a device, data is not lost; work can continue on any new device. Registration is simple, all you need is an e-mail address to start using BizXpert Invoice app.


Invoices can be created quickly and you can promptly record clients, products and orders. The software provides you with smooth and uninterrupted support for your daily routine, which will allow you to handle your clients faster, more accurately and more reliably than ever before. Customer satisfaction leads to significantly improved revenues. With BizXpert you can save time; and time is money.

This invoice software can store the most important data about your clients, for example payment habits can be set up.

In the inventory management module you can record all your products and services. You can also add a photo to each product for more convenient identification.  Products and services can be arranged in different groups based on their type. The software can monitor and identify the minimum inventory level of any given product, and it can notify you if stock falls below the minimum level. With this program you can manage inventory and store and record warehouse intakes and releases.

Invoices can be created comfortably in a few seconds. Any item can be selected from the list of products and services on the invoices, and free text may be added as well; such as delivery costs for instance. Payment methods can also be selected. You can apply discounts too – discounts may be added in one sum or as a percentage. Taxes can be set up even by different tax groups. Invoices can be sent by e-mail, in PDF and can be printed out. In the free text part of the invoice you can add further information if needed. The program offers more templates, along with the option to add your company logo, so that the invoice of your business would be elegant and unique.

The software has an order module where client orders can be created and stored. Orders can be made into invoices with a press of a button. Future orders can be previewed; categorized by client and time period.

The program stores expense accounts as well. Items of products and other expenses can be recorded.

The software can create financial reports based on invoices of revenues and expenses.

The software shows debts and unpaid invoices in a separate report, and therefore cash flow reports can also be made.

Invoices can be listed by clients, and this way you can create a top list of special customers.

BizXpert Invoice comes with supreme customer support. In case you have a question, an observation, a comment or a problem, we are available to immediately assist you.

The modules and functions of the software

Invoice functions:

  • create, print and send unlimited number of invoices in e-mail and Pdf format
  • 12 free invoice templates, which can be used with own logo and customized content
  • option for recording additional information with top, bottom and itemized notes
  • invoices with customized cover letters in many languages
  • automatic management of different payment methods
  • provide itemized or subtotal discounts
  • import mass partner data


Tracking revenues and expenses:

  • up-to-date monitoring of payments and partial payments
  • records of expected and actual revenues
  • records of expected and actual costs and expenses
  • query of daily, weekly and monthly profit information based on revenues and costs and expenses


Inventory management:

  • up-to-date management of inventory
  • storing unlimited quantity of product and service data with descriptions and pictures
  • option to create product categories and types
  • product and service import


CRM module:

  • record unlimited number of partners, both supplier and client, with detailed information and preferred payment method set up
  • sales and costs data per partner
  • list of delayed and expected liabilities of buyers
  • poll of TOP buyers
  • import mass partner data
  • immediate e-mail and call initiation from list of partners


Calendar functions:

  • record calendar events
  • daily, monthly view and list of upcoming tasks


Order module:

  • record, print and send orders
  • title of printed documents can be modified depending on yor business (Estimate or Quote or Order, etc.)
  • create invoice from order simply by pushing a button
  • query about orders


Reports and preparation of management decision:

  • daily, weekly, monthly and annual statements and charts of revenues, costs and expenses and profits
  • list top buyers, products and groups of products
  • option for exporting reports in tables
  • quick and secure query of data and statements from anywhere and any device due to cloud based data storage

How does BizXpert store and protect your data?

BizXpert stores data in data centers located in the European Union. These data centers are compliant with information security standard ISO 27001:2013. Purpose of this standard is to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve an information risk management system (ISMS). With this being enforced, user data is handled with optimum security.

Server rooms are monitored and protected against physical intrusion at all times. Physical and online access to the servers is logged.

System infrastructure has been designed and implemented to meet highest IT security standards and best practices. Sensitive data is saved behind multiple layers of protection (firewalls, authentication points, etc.) to prevent it from being accessed by unauthorized users.

The data center provider, the internet service provider and the BizXpert operation and development team work together to create a complex and multilayered protection.

You can read our entire Privacy Policy on BizXpert website.