The Benefits of Invoicing Applications

invoicing applicationsWhy should small business owners and freelancers look into invoicing applications? The underlying reason is simple. As a small business owner, you cannot do everything on your own—as much as you might like to! You simply don’t have the time, and frankly you may not have the breadth of skills. To run your company successfully, you have to outsource certain things. You have to delegate certain things. You have to automate certain things.

All of this points to the need for invoicing applications. Invoicing is a simple, repeatable task that can be done by anyone; it’s also something of a necessary evil, vital for any business owners who actually want to get paid but often quite tedious and time-consuming. Rather than spend your time on this function, you can automate it—freeing you to focus on other competencies for business growth and strategy.

Beyond these broad points about invoicing applications, though—including the many free invoicing applications you can find in the Windows Store—there are some particular benefits that an invoicing app provides. We will run through some of these in the paragraphs that follow.

The Advantages of Invoicing Applications

Some advantages to using invoicing applications include:

  1. As already said, using an invoicing app can free some of your time. Consider an app like BizXpert; once you have this app configured and your client data imported, you can create, print, and e-mail a new invoice in as little as a minute’s time. This liberates the business owner to do all the other important things that need to be done, including sales, marketing, staff training, product development, and so forth.
  2. The use of invoicing applications ensures a certain level of consistency, which in turn fosters customer loyalty. When it comes to invoicing, nobody likes surprises, least of all your clients. When you use an invoicing app, however, it makes it easier to be certain that you are always invoicing on the day you say you are going to invoice—never missing one, never double-invoicing, never invoicing too late.
  3. When you use an invoicing app, it enables you to be fully professional. Again, BizXpert is instructive. This app allows you to use a pre-set template but also customize the invoice to make it unique to your business. You can include a logo and full company contact information, and you can add personalized notes as you deem appropriate. In short, you can make certain that your invoices look like the ones the pros send out.
  4. Using an app ensures a certain level of accuracy. Obviously, human error is always going to be in the picture to some extent. With that said, when you use an app, the app will keep track of your invoices and your data, and prevent you from any undue lapses or slipups. It is simply a great way to keep yourself honest and on point.
  5. When you invoice with an invoicing app, it allows for a high degree of nimbleness, especially when the app you use is cloud-based. You can invoice on the go, from your phone or tablet, and then follow up on your PC back at the office.

But again, what it really boils down to is systemization. Not invoicing is not an option; for business owners who expect prompt payment, invoicing is a necessity. With that said, you do not have to devote countless hours to invoicing, or find yourself suddenly drowning in paperwork. By using one of the fine invoicing applications out there, you can unburden yourself from invoicing while still ensuring that it gets done.