Free Invoice Software: Why You Need It, How to Use It

free invoice softwareHere is a simple question for small business owners: Have you obtained some free invoice software for your phone, tablet, and/or desktop? Whether you are a full-on entrepreneur or simply doing a bit of freelancing on the side, having free invoice software is imperative. Further, it offers many advantages, including some you may never have thought of.

Why is free invoice software so necessary? Well, because invoicing itself is so necessary. If you don’t send your clients invoices, you’re not going to get paid. It’s really as simple as that. You can’t not invoice, yet many entrepreneurs really loathe the actual invoicing process. It’s tedious, it’s time-consuming, and it can sometimes be frustrating.

There is an obvious solution, then, which is to get some free invoice software. There are several very fine programs to choose from, and they come with some tremendous benefits. Some of the benefits of using free invoice software include:

  • Using free invoice software frees your time, allowing you to focus on other parts of business growth while ensuring that invoicing is still getting done consistently.
  • Speaking of consistency, invoicing software will automate the process to ensure that your invoices are sent when they need to be—which is not just good for you but also for your customers, who generally don’t like surprises in the invoicing process!
  • The use of invoicing software ensures a certain level of accuracy and precision in what you are doing, both in terms of the actual invoices and also in terms of your recordkeeping.
  • Invoicing software can help you to be more flexible, as well. The best invoicing apps are cloud-based, which means you can access up-to-date invoice and inventory data from any of your devices.

Clearly, using an invoicing application can bring many advantages—and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. With that said, it is important that you not only download a good app, but also that you use it effectively. For those new to invoicing software, this can be daunting: How exactly do you ensure that you are getting the most out of your invoicing app?

Using Your Free Invoice Software

A few tips for using your free invoice software include:

  • Watch any demo videos and follow any onscreen tutorial prompts to ensure that you know how to use all the features and that you are comfortable with the program’s layout.
  • Import your existing customer data, assuming you have free invoice software that allows you to do that.
  • Spend some time customizing your invoice template. Make sure it includes your full company contact information and a logo.
  • For each invoice, take the time to put in the customer’s full contact information as well. Include personal notes or comments as needed.
  • Remember to be polite: Invoices that include please and thank you tend to get paid more promptly, believe it or not.
  • Make sure you have clear and definite policies for late and delinquent payments, that you articulate these policies to customers, and that you enforce them consistently.
  • Ensure that you invoice promptly and consistently, and that you minimize any surprises in the invoicing process. Customers do not like surprises in the invoicing process.

And of course, make sure you pick the best invoice program out there. Do your research and check out some reviews. Look at ratings you see in the Windows Store, and feel free to experiment with a couple of different free invoice software options, finding something that you really feel comfortable with.


Published on: May 13, 2015