Can Invoicing App Reviews Be Taken Seriously?

invoice app reviewsThere are a lot of invoice apps out there, and many more invoicing app reviews, besides. The question is, can you take these invoicing app reviews seriously? Not all of these invoicing apps are created equal, but can you be sure that the reviews you’re reading are giving you the full story?

Of course, a word of caution is always in order when reviews are the topic. Remember that invoicing app reviews are, by their nature, subjective. They reflect one reviewer’s experience with the app in question, and often that reviewer has little experience with other apps—little frame of reference. Thus, these reviews are by no means invalid but they should be taken with an appropriate grain of salt.

Also remember that different people look for different things in their invoicing apps. Some want simplicity while others want all the bells and whistles. Thus, invoicing app reviews alone do not do the product justice; you may wish to also thoroughly peruse the features list.

A final note is that you don’t necessarily have to feel like using a new invoice app is a big risk. Many invoicing apps are free—thus, even if the reviews are misleading, you get to try them and not really have anything to lose, save for a few minutes of your time. And note that, in some cases—BizXpert being just one example—the free invoicing apps are every bit as useful and as feature-rich as the paid ones.

So yes, there are a lot of invoicing app reviews out there, and you may have your questions about how reliable they are—but at the end of the day, there are a lot of great apps and several of them are free, so it’s not as though there is any reason to feel like great invoicing apps are beyond your reach.

Of course, just settling on your invoicing app is just the first step; from there, business owners and freelancers need to make sure they know how to use that app effectively—but how?

Getting an Invoicing App, Free—and Using It!

Once you get your invoicing app, free or otherwise, here are the steps to take to ensure that you are using it for all its worth.

  1. Start by familiarizing yourself with the app. Get comfortable with it. Watch the demo video, if there is one, and read any other on-screen instructions. Import your existing client data to make sure you’re ready to get going.
  2. Customize your invoices. Your free invoicing app will likely provide you with a template, of sorts, but you also want to make sure you customize it appropriately. This means including your full company contact information as well as a logo, if you have one.
  3. Think through your payment policies. When will you invoice your clients? What sort of payment window will you provide them? What are the penalties for overdue payments? Think through all these things and more, and print policies– e.g., payment window and overdue penalties—on the invoices themselves.
  4. Be consistent. Once you have your policies formulated and articulated, make sure you enforce them evenly and fairly!
  5. Automate whatever you can. Explore all the features of your invoice app and make sure you’re using it to automate and systematize the invoicing process as much as you possibly can. Get the most out of your app and free yourself to focus on other aspects of growing your business!

Again, reading some invoicing app reviews may be helpful, but ultimately you’ll need to download one and give it a spin to know how well you like it.


Published on: May 13, 2015