Our vision


The world’s management software market will drastically change over the next 5 years. The so-called installing programs will disappear, and all administrative software will be run in a cloud based system instead.  Excel files will be withdrawn because it will be faster, more efficient and convenient to use management software.

Management or rather business software we call the ones that assist and support business activities on the daily basis, for example invoicing, inventory management, client and order records as well as debt management.

The expansion of mobile tools is obvious, and that is why more and more software will be run on mobile devices.

It will be ever more common for businesses to get rid of their desktop computers and switch to using mobile smartphones for managing all their tasks.

The mobile use makes it necessary to command software by using our fingers and voice or pen sticks instead using keyboard.

It is already an existing option to assign a bankcard to a smartphone, and payments can be authorized by fingerprints in place of pin numbers.

Design will be substantially more important when selecting a product. Users will not be satisfied with merely a well-functioning and faultless program; they will look for attractive ones with beautiful design. The task of ‘nice-looking’ programs will be more than simply providing users with visual experience. Attractive programs will deliver easier and quicker software usage with clearly arranged user interface and offer users simple instructions with which learning will be a lot shorter and simpler. In the future it will be unacceptable to use difficult programs taking over several months to learn.

In practice, all business software will be replaced in the next 5-10 years. This will affect 100 million small enterprises in the world out of which 60 million operates in English.

Picture from the future:

Small business owners will run their business software on their smartphone. If they accomplish a sale or selling a service, they can voice-signal their smartphone to create a new invoice. By using voice signals they can select clients and items on the invoice from the client record. Buyers can pay the invoice by connecting together the smartphones and providing their fingerprints, and the transaction will immediately be in their own book-keeping. As the result of bankcard payment, the accounting of the fulfillment of the financial transaction occurs immediately. If the item has already been known, the software manages the inventory records as well. Since the database is located in a cloud, all employees and staff can see the invoice, the financial transaction and the inventory record.

Who are we?

Tibor-Kulcsar-BizXpert-CEOKey-Soft was established by Tibor Kulcsár in 1989, same year as the democratic transformation, in a small garage located in Budapest, in Hungary. Private enterprises started back then with the appearance of the first businesses. Key-Soft started with the very first Hungarian companies, and together they have learnt what is important for successful business.

Key-Soft has understood why companies use business software, what is important for them, and why business software can achieve more profits for their users.

In the past 27 years the one-person enterprise has gone public and today over 100 people work for Key-Soft. The company has 20% market share. In 2007, it opened to the international market. First, it delivered business software to the neighboring countries, but at present Key-Soft products have been sold all over the world due to the cloud based systems.

In 2013, Key-Soft launched its newest product: BizXpert. It has truly fulfilled Tibor Kulcsár’s vision about the business software of the future. BizXpert is revolutionary software with groundbreaking knowledge and cutting-edge appearance. It sums up all the experience of the past 27 years with the demands of over 100,000 clients. In addition, BizXpert has the brightest future as well; we are continuously developing and customizing it for future technical requirements and our clients’ further demands.

bizxpert-your_best_friendOur objective is to show the whole world our ideas about modern business software and make more profits for our clients.

BizXpert – Your best friend in the business!